There are two types of marketing, Brand Marketing and Direct Response Marketing.

One of the easiest mistakes to make when starting an advertising campaign is to think it’s a good idea to for it for “brand awareness”.

Think of it this way: a multinational multi-million pound company is quite capable of developing a series of brand awareness adverts which use advanced techniques, such as anchoring.

This is where you’re conditioned to feel happy or goof every-time you see their brand, because you watch their adverts on TV, which show happy, fun families (or something) playing together, or something really funny, which is then reinforced by their logo.

That way, when you’re in the aisle in a supermarket and your provided with a choice of several brands, the one you go for is instinctively the one that made you feel good when you see it, because your mind associates it with the good feelings from the ad.

Unlike your average business owner they are able to spend 25 million with a combination of TV Ads, Billboards, Paper Adverts and Mailshots. 

Quite clearly this approach won’t work for everyone, and whats even worse is that that”s exactly what most small business owners try and emulate.

Partly because they’re probably influenced “by what everyone else does” and partly because they’re proud of their “brand” and want everyone to see it.

The thing is, with so many bigger brands with bigger budgets, small business are being drowned out in a noisy market place, with little or no return on their investment to show.

Direct Response Marketing is a measurable form of advertising which is designed to gain an immediate response from the reader.

To get that response you need a convincing call to action, that is irresistible to the reader, which conveys to them not only why to contact you (or provide you with their contact details) but how, this is usually done by offering valuable education and information regarding their “problem”. 

 The added benefit of doing a carefully implemented direct response advertising campaign is, that is done correctly, it can work as brand awareness as well.

By capturing the readers details you have an opportunity  to reach out to them a start to nurture a relationship. 

Unlike other marketing types, direct response requires little or no time waiting to see measurable results.

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