I’ve grouped these topics into one because they all kind of go together, in that they’re all used for getting more customers.

The first thing I’ll talk about here is testimonials.

I use testimonials, a lot.

So does anyone I do marketing or web design for, primarily because I know how important they are and how much they improve conversion rates and whatnot.

But what I found interesting, was having it pointed out that when you use a testimonial, where possible you want to include additional data that helps reinforce the legitimacy of that testimonial.

So for example, “so and so are the best in the universe” – Joe Bloggs, 34, Sussex (Car Mechanic).

Think about it, when you look at a newspaper quote they always include the age and location of the person their quoting.

I guess it just adds more legitimacy to the quote, although quite frankly you could still make it up, but I guess people believe it more?

I gave Dan Kennedy a question about Guarantees when I was in my hot seat.

Primarily because I like the idea of Guaranteeing based on a financial sum, because that’s ultimately what business owners want.

They want more money, I’d like to Guarantee them that.

But I can’t say this Website will bring you £100,000 Guaranteed. 

Well, I could but I’d have to put a condition on it and I don’t want to put a condition on it.

If I give a Guarantee, I want it to be a 100% unconditional guarantee.

No wiggle room, because that’s, I think, the ethical way to run a Guarantee.

Sure there might some times where you have to stipulate terms, but the idea of wriggling out of a Guarantee doesn’t appeal to me.

If someone’s not happy and want their money back, I’ll pretty much always cave and just give them their money back, with or without a Guarantee in place and with or without limitation on timeframes.

I once refunded every penny of a website – several thousand – months after the website had been in development because of a dispute over her domain.

Not even related to the website but I just figured – it wasn’t worth arguing over.

So if you’re going to run a Guarantee, make it unconditional.

Give yourself no wriggle room and most importantly, don’t resent the people that cash it in.

If they cash it in, it’s for a reason.

You probably screwed up.

Don’t be mad at them, be mad at you.

I mean, sure you’ll get some people who’ll take advantage, but you can weed those sort of people out pretty quick with your sales funnel (i.e. in your language and the way you sell things) and as a general rule, the extra sales you get from having a strong guarantee, will far outweigh the refunds.

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