UK businesses spend over £900 million a year on promotional products – but how many of these businesses are using promotional products effectively?

Probably less than you’d expect.

You see, most business owners treat promotional products like a luxury, something they’ll almost ‘throwaway’ because they do it just to build their brand, rather than actually generate business.

They associate the term ‘promotional products’ with things like branded pens, mugs or placemats, perhaps.

Now I’m not saying those products don’t have a place, but simply buying them for the sake of buying them isn’t necessarily the best business decision.

This is almost incomprehensible to some companies, I’m sure… can you really get a “return” from your branded pens? This goes way beyond the mere “hope they’ll call because they saw our brand on a pen” philosophy.

The sole purpose of promotional products is the same as any other marketing investment… it’s an investment. You want to get a return on what you spend.

So, much like the approach I’d take with our web design services, the first thing I’d suggest you want to think about when it comes to getting promotional products is:

What do you want as the end result?

What’s the point?


Are you looking to attract new business, or get existing business to spend more with you, or existing customers to refer new customers? (This is an important question and ultimately defines the rest of the campaign)

What’s the goal?

Because only with a clear goal, and a clear campaign structure in place, are you going to get a proper return on your investment.

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