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Wags N Walks

Based in Tadley, Wags n’ walks provide a range of services but primarily explore the local countryside, with daily adventures that provide fun and mental stimulation for people’s dogs. They’re much more than your average ‘dog walker’.

The Brief

Being a dog walker, Katie’s prime concern about a website and online marketing was making it relevant to the local area, and making sure their was enough demand… i.e. her chief concern was that she must get an ROI from her website.

Design And Development

We designed, developed and helped implement a website and marketing system that with the help of pay per click, simply generates leads month in, month out.

To ensure Katie stood out from all the other dog walkers, and generated a constant stream of leads, we helped her create a dog walking guide, which integrates with her automated email follow up system.

Clients Comments

“I wasn’t sure I needed a lovely spangly website because I was sure my business as a local dog walker, was mainly word of mouth.
I chatted to Ben about my needs and he explained the benefits of a GOOD website and proper marketing. I decided to trust him and his team and went for it.

Working with SS1 Creative was easy – they did all the complicated work for me and just asked me for some content. I explained that I ‘wasn’t good at that stuff’, they said ‘it’s fine, you write it and we’ll make it sound good’ which is exactly what they did!

They let me check everything every step of the way, asked if I wanted changes made, changed them if I asked and, if they thought the changes weren’t the right decision, they were honest and explained why. I hate to say it, but they were right the couple of times that they didn’t think my changes were quite right.

Since my website has been up and running and marketing changed, my enquiries have doubled! I have had so many comments about how professional my website looks compared to others in the same industry.

In fact – my website is so fantastic, SS1 Creative asked me to write a testimonial WEEKS ago but I just didn’t have time because I was dealing with all my new enquiries!! If that doesn’t show how fab they are, I don’t know what does!”