The landing pages you use for your marketing are so ridiculously important and I cannot stress it enough. 

It will be the deciding factor as to whether your campaign is a success or a failure.

The biggest let down with landing pages is ‘poor’ sales copy. 

Remember that the sales copy you produce for landing pages needs to be concise and focus on the specific needs of that ‘search’ (or to be cohesive with your advert on social media). 

This is why we want multiple versions of landing pages to encourage the call to action.

If someone has searched for “problems with X” you want to take people to a page about X.

Not a generic page, not a page talking about X, Y and Z – but a page talking about X.

In terms of writing the copy itself, remember that you should focus on the basics.

Focus on their pain, and how you can help them out of pain with your product and/or service.


Write using the rules AIDA:

  • Attention 
  • Interest
  • Decision 
  • Action

Make sure when you’re getting onto the Action, make the button obvious and clickable.

Although having a strong call to action and clickable button is key, don’t have a million buttons visible on the screen at any one point as it can become overwhelming for the prospect. 

How do you know when your landing page is perfect?

The one approach I always use when it comes to looking at a landing page and verifying both the authenticity and sales copy, is to close it down, close my eyes – take a moment… reopen it and pretend I’m viewing that page for the first time.

Try it.

Put yourself in your prospects shoes.

Would You fill out the form?

Would You take action?

Once you’re comfortable with that answer, you’re ready to rock and ready to send some traffic to it. 

Remember, test and measure!

Run traffic to that page for a little while, see what the conversion rate is like, make some changes and repeat.

Keep going and keep doing variations until you’ve got the conversion rates as good as you can get! 

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