Grow Your Business Fast With Our Creative Kickstart Program…

More than just a group, the Creative Kickstart Program gives you a mix of “done for you” marketing as well as content that helps you understand how to grow your business with marketing that works…

How It Works

Capitalising on our experience helping business owners generate more leads, and more sales for over a decade, our Creative Kickstart package has been designed to give you everything you need to grow your business, and fast…

The structure of the Creative Kickstart is simple – it’s a six month program, with a view to continuing with done for you marketing afterwards… the idea being, we quickly and effortlessly implement you a supremely effective marketing campaign, and then once it’s running – and your business is generating consistent new leads and sales, we help you maintain the ongoing campaign…

This Program Includes

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Month 1

£1000 + VAT payment required to get us started. That payment secures your place on the program (and there are only 3 available at any one time, so you may need to check for availability/join a waiting list).

You need to be prepared to invest some money in Pay Per Click, ideally you want to spend around £500 per month.

We’ll work with you, and your budget, to generate some leads/sales in a systemised way. That is, we’ll create landing pages, set up the ads, do all the copywriting and help you with a plan to follow up on these leads, so that you get the best possible return on investment.

By the end of Month 1, you should have generated some leads which you can see may lead to business. It’s early days yet so don’t expect to get an ROI, but you should see potential Enough to carry on to Month 2…

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Month 2

In Month 2 (also £1000 + VAT), we’ll create you a downloadable (i.e. PDF) guide based on some content you provide… but don’t worry, we’ll help you through that bit and it’ll be dead easy.

We’ll tweak the landing pages to also offer the guide, and integrate an email system which can automatically email your leads some follow up.

We’ll work with you to show you how to best interact with your leads to get some results.

At the end of the month, you should start to be seeing some real business generated and should see a good future in the campaign.

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Month 3

At this stage, the campaign is starting to really fully develop, and we can expand our focus to other areas of the marketing. There’s a payment of £2000 + VAT for month three, where on top of managing your Pay Per Click, we’ll expand the campaign to do further Re-marketing.

That’s where we’ll re-advertise to all the people that came to you in Month 1/2, but didn’t enquire.

On top of that, we’ll help you write a sequence of emails to go in your email system that we’ve set up, and we’ll mock up a design for a new website for you.

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Month 4

We’ll take a payment of £2000 + VAT for month four, where on top of managing your Pay Per Click, we’ll finish designing and build your new website.

We’ll start to write the website content, and also expand your guide so that it’s a printable (minimum 8 pages of A5) guide, and print up 100 copies for you.

This means we can expand your marketing so that on the thank-you page of your offer (i.e. when you’re saying thanks for downloading a copy of my guide) you can offer to send them a copy in the post.

This means you capture their full address details, which is great for additional marketing later. i.e. postcards, sales letters, etc etc. It also shows they’re a more serious lead.

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Month 5

As we reach the end of the six month program we’ll be expanding further what we do… So for a £3000 + VAT payment for month five, we’ll finalise all the copy for your website, and we’ll essentially go through your whole website, and make it a lead generating machine.

We’ll integrate your guide, any anything else we need to, to make your website perform better than it’s ever performed in your business life.

On top of that we’re going to continue to manage all your pay per click, and help with any email marketing that you need to be doing.

At this stage you should be very excited about the future, because you’ll see such a return from the marketing we’re doing.

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Month 6

Finally, the last £3000 + VAT for month six… and this is the exciting bit.

It’s where we put together a whole direct mail campaign for you, to either approach cold leads or follow up on those that have given you their address.

I’ll write you the core of 3 sales letters, giving you the creative ideas you need to get attention.

I’ll develop you a landing page for the direct mail to be directed to, and give you a schedule of when / how you should follow up.

On top of that, we’ll be getting your website live (if it isn’t already), managing your pay per click, helping you with email marketing, and anything else you may have as a query.