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Growing up, I remember our dog Chloe. A German Shephard that we had from a puppy. She had hip dysplasia when she got older and ended up in a sort of wheelchair for dogs (I’m sure you’ve seen the type I mean). She was there from as young as I can remember, and lived until… Read More

So I’m about to introduce you to two numbers which genuinely changed my life. They changed my life for a number of reasons, actually. They changed my life because I applied them. I didn’t just read them and wonder how to implement them; I didn’t just read about them and think “nice idea in theory… Read More

Can you really make use of email (and send emails every single day) to build a long term relationship with a potential customer, who then might convert later down the line? The answer is simple: Yes you can. This Guide will give you all the information you need to start utilising email marketing to build… Read More

The most typical objection is price because – well – that’s normally the sticking point for a lot of people. And the objection of the price is usually overcome by ensuring that you’re not delivering price too soon, i.e. before you’ve defined enough value. If someone is saying “that’s too expensive” – then what they’re… Read More

The landing pages you use for your marketing are so ridiculously important and I cannot stress it enough.  It will be the deciding factor as to whether your campaign is a success or a failure. The biggest let down with landing pages is ‘poor’ sales copy.  Remember that the sales copy you produce for landing pages… Read More

Design and branding is what it’s all about with a website, right?! ….well, sort of. But as much as it might sound strange for a web designer to say, the absolute worst thing you could do is focus on having a pretty website. What’s more important, is that you actually take into consideration the importance… Read More

The quick guide to easily writing better sales copy, dealing with new leads and generating business at a higher rate than you’ve ever done before. Want to know how you can go through the sales process and ensure you get the price you deserve? The price that really reflects the amount of energy and time… Read More

So what  is a Dream 100 campaign? The term Dream 100 is a strategy referred to in Chet Holmes “The Ultimate Sales Machine”. It’s a marketing strategy that involves targeting 100 (or whatever number is appropriate) dream clients constantly and relentlessly until they buy your product or service. The ultimate goal of the Dream 100 is to… Read More

UK businesses spend over £900 million a year on promotional products – but how many of these businesses are using promotional products effectively? Probably less than you’d expect. You see, most business owners treat promotional products like a luxury, something they’ll almost ‘throwaway’ because they do it just to build their brand, rather than actually… Read More