Transform your under performing website into a lead generating machine with little to no effort

Investing into a new website isn't just about the money.

It's also the time, and effort, you need to spend working with your web designer to make sure your website looks right... that it represents your business appropriately... that the content is right...

...and then the question is, will it even make you money?!

It can all be a right hassle... that is, if you don't go with the right "web designer". The thing is a scary number of web designers don't really understand marketing. They're great web designers, and graphically can produce some stunning end results... but that doesn't mean it'll generate any money.

Once I really started to 'get to grips' with marketing, and understood that it wasn't all about pretty graphics and visual effects, for years the websites I produced looked.... less attractive... than what the competition would be producing.

Start generating more leads, and more sales, with less stress and fewer headaches...

The thing is, doing things differently to the competition kinda worked out...

As I discovered years ago, you don't need a fancy looking website to generate astounding results. Nevertheless, over the years, our skills continued to improve, and it's fair to say that you now get the very best of both worlds.

You get a website that delivers consistent, quality leads... but you also get a website that looks stunning. 

So here's the deal...

I want to help you, and your business, generate more leads and more sales. Not because I'm a super nice guy - but in fact - because I'm being entirely selfish. If I can help you generate more leads, and more sales, simply by implementing a new website and with a bit of advice, then you'll be happy to come back to me time and again for more marketing help.

So what's on offer?

  • Fully Designed Throughout

    For a ‘normal website’ (i.e. 5-10 pages) – every single page is individually designed. This means not only does every single page look great, but every single page is designed specifically to generate you leads/sales.

  • All Content Written For You

    It’s a pain, writing all the content for your new website… well, how about – don’t! I’ll write all the content for your whole website, and it’ll all be written in a way that generates you leads

  • Landing Pages Ready To Go

    I’ll create at least two landing pages for your marketing / pay per click. I’ll write all the content, handle the design, everything. It’ll be up and running in no time at all. So, if you’re running Google Ads, Facebook – or planning to – this is an extraordinarily valuable add-on for you.

  • Lead Magnet Created For You

    I’ll interview you, and create a downloadable PDF guide that your prospects can download in exchange for their name/email/other details. I’ll help integrate it with your email system (and if you don’t have one, we’ll help you set one up). You’ll be a fully professional marketer in a matter of days…

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Well this all sounds great, but how much does it cost?!

I remember talking to one client, who I delivered a huge action plan to...

We sat down together, to go over this nearly 20 page document. He said "Forget all that crap let's get to the important bit" - flicked straight to the pricing, and then asked me if I was on drugs.

I mean, it's funny, but not funny, if you know what I mean. You can't possibly gauge whether a 'price' is good value or not, without first knowing all the facts. Unless you know the potential returns.

So here's the thing... this doesn't "cost" anything.

It's an investment.

And if you're scanning this page looking for a price, you won't find one. I WILL say, that the price I'm offering for all this is significantly lower than the prices I've previously advertised. I'm not "going cheap" and I'm not "desperate" - but I do want to generate an extra 10 clients in April, and running a good offer is a clever way to do that.

So let's be crystal clear what's on offer:

  • 5-10 Page Website
  • All content written for you
  • Landing pages created and ready to go
  • Fully designed throughout
  • Everything created by lead generating experts
  • Three Months Free Marketing

If that last bullet point hasn't caught your attention, let me re-iterate...

Alongside a special price for the web design, I'm going to give you three months marketing worth £4500 + VAT.... "But what makes it worth £4500 + VAT?!" I hear you ask...

So here's just a snapshot of what you'll get:

  • Google Ads Transformed

    Whether you’re new to Google Ads, or a seasoned advertiser, I can help you generate MORE from your Google Ads spend. It’s a full time job (which is why I have people working full time on this for our clients) to manage Google Ads, and unless you’re constantly looking at every little detail, you simply won’t get the most out of it. We can often double or triple results from existing campaigns.

  • Facebook - Used The Right Way

    Facebook can work really well with re-marketing. That’s where we re-target people who have been to your site before (i.e. from Google Ads) and bring them back, to either a similar offer or a page designed in a different way. This often adds a huge boost to the performance of any campaign.

  • Help When You Need It

    One significant benefit to working with me, is you get pretty much unlimited access to my experience in marketing, and assistance with anything you need to keep your business growing. Whether you need an advert designing for the paper, or help with email marketing… it’s all covered.

  • Like An Employee, Only Better...

    I know more than anyone how hard it is finding the right people… but here’s a massive plus for you… You get a team of people for a fraction of the cost of an employee, AND you have no worries like holidays, sick days or anything else that comes along with employing someone.

Ready To Get Started?

This offer MUST expire on the 26th April at 5pm.

I'm giving away £4,500 + VAT worth of stuff here. So it should be obvious to you that I can't, and won't, have this offer open for long. You might ask why I'm giving away so much? If you really haven't worked it out already, I'll explain in a minute.

But if you're ready to take action... if you're ready to grow your business... if you're ready to transform your website and start generating a constant stream of leads/sales... then click the button below, to arrange a 30 minute call with me (or email me at

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So why, am I giving away three whole months worth £4,500 + VAT?

Well it's really very simple.


You see, I will charge a fixed fee for the website; that gives me some immediate cash and shows me that you're serious about investing into your business.

Then, you get three months worth of marketing for "free". This is me, giving you £4,500 worth of stuff. But at the end of the 3 months, you'll either have to stop (with me) or continue and pay £1,500 + VAT per month.

Now let's put to one side, that you're not going to do that if it's not making money... but if it is making money (which it will be) then you'd be a crazy fool to stop. Right?

So let's assume you continue. Let's assume you continue for say, 12 months.

12 * £1500 = £18,000

So I'm literally spending £4,500 to make £18,000.

NOW does it make sense?

I hope so. It really is simple maths.

So, click the button below to schedule a call or email me at and let's talk about how we can transform your business together.

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